Dance T.Ruth

Talara Ruth

 dancer, teacher, choreographer, costumer

Artistic Director, DANCETRUTH


Company and School 

Dance instruction Midtown New York

Children's Athletic Training School

235 East 49th St.

New York, NY 10017


CATS Dancers  of all ages, don't just wear costumes, they design them &  help construct them as part of the total performance package at CATS.

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Nutcracker Ballet! Dancers in all classes are invited to perform regularly in our intimate CATS theater/49th St. Children enrolled in the fall session can participate in our child-friendly NUTCRACKER with professional guest artists, this coming December!

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Dance Instruction Midtown New York

...Won't you join us in this dance?


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for questions about dance technique, syllabus, levels and pedagogy

you may email Talara directly at: or

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For June show information, call 212-832-1833 or email

Coloring Pages

convenient east side location

235 East 49th St.



From the first dreams to the final pointe... Classes conveniently located in midtown Manhattan, CATS/Studio 49, all ages & levels.

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Personalized, professional dance training for all ages & levels in a supportive atmosphere. 

Dance is a visual as well as a kinesthetic art form. Free coloring pages for inspiring fun and to help us "see" proper technique.

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