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​​​​​Dear dance family: 

In light of recent city health guidelines, CATS DANCE TRUTH is temporarily closed, along with the public schools, for the next month.   

Unfortunately, we can’t predict yet the exact date we can reopen. The situation is constantly fluctuating. The only constant is our continued wishes for everyone’s safety and well being!!!

Please stay tuned for more information. 

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Holiday Helper Picture Book Contest!

Thanks to Susanna Hill

Below is my entry. Enjoy!

Clara and the Nutcracker

by T.Ruth

Clara was restless on Christmas Eve night
Afraid to leave Nutcracker out of her sight! 
So she checked on him, then sat in Papa’s big chair, 
But while she dozed, strange things happened there! 

Things grew up around her: the cradle, the tree,
Small mice became big, so scary to see!
As Clara awoke she was gladly surprised,
To see her Nutcracker, both real and life-sized! 

Then came the Mouse King! Do you know what he had? 
Seven big heads, and all of them BAD!
The mice, they were winning, Nutcracker caught,
“He surely will lose!” was Clara’s next thought...

Little girls can be strong, and also be brave,
She threw her soft shoe, and then all was saved! 
Mouse King, he was evil, but good deeds are stronger, 
The shoe hit his heads, Mouse King was no longer!

Mice dragged off their King no one’s heard of them since, 
Nutcracker, that night, became Clara’s Prince!
Then Clara awoke, this is true, but it’s strange! 
back in Papa’s big chair, as if nothing had changed!!!

She checked in the cradle where Nutcracker sat, 
But he was still wood, his sword and his hat. 
Was it all just a dream? Was none of it real? 
Well, I don’t know, but I certainly feel...

That when you help others, and do it with love, 
A special thing happens that rises above, 
The world and its troubles, and then it gives birth, 
at this time of year, to Joy here on Earth.