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Talara Ruth, Dance Director, is delighted to be teaching at CATS where artistic excellence thrives in a supportive environment. Talara began dancing as a toddler in her native NYC and performed professionally since the age of six in musical theater, modern dance, acrobatics and contemporary ballet. She trained as a teacher for many years with the late Nenette Charisse and the legendary David Howard. Talara has a degree in performing arts and dance performance and education from NYU Tisch and Empire State. She has been teaching dance for five decades, including upstate New York and Southern California where she owned her own studios. Her past students perform all over the world from contemporary ballet (Alvin Ailey, Aspen Ballet, Boston Ballet, Colorado ballet, Complexions, Royal Danish, to name but a few) and on Broadway (42nd St., Tap Dog, Beauty and the Beast). Talara's greatest joy and life work is helping children expand their creativity and physical acumen through the joy of dance.

My 6 yr old daughter trains with Ms Talara and I am thrilled with her progression! Ms T has an amazing gift and is so good with the at times distracted and fidgety young ones. They laugh and dance and have a wonderful time, I see my daughters focus and attention span increasing by the class! Thank you Ms T for imparting your love of dance and really engaging the children you work with....

Dance education is our life work!

Christine Stoddard began dancing with Talara at the age of 9 in upstate New York. By the age of 13,  she traveled with Talara to take professional classes in the city at David Howard's, Broadway Dance Center & Steps, where she still takes daily professional class. She has a BA from East Carolina University & performed both in summer stock and on the classical ballet stage. She teaches upstate: for more information see: www.okjustdance.com

Call, email or drop by anytime to talk to us! We love to discuss your individual needs & aspirations! Our past graduates perform all over the globe from Broadway to the classical stage.  So, from the youngest beginner to the advanced pre-professional , we can help you dance your dreams...

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